Acta Solutions powers responsive local government.

We respond to community input and inquiries so you can respond to community needs.

Acta for Customer Service

We help you deliver customer service as seamless as Amazon.

Increase customer satisfaction with little to no effort. The Acta GovCX platform manages responding to inbound emails so you can respond to high volumes of customer inquiries with one click. We save you tons of time by intelligently suggesting automated responses that you review before sending.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Boring, repetitive tasks don’t get better with the passage of time. They get worse. Spending time in your email inbox reading and responding to resident inquiries is draining and takes time away from your job. Our predictive analytics platform delivers nuanced, automated responses to customers so that staff can spend more time on higher-value tasks.

Increase Department Consistency

The high volumes of resident inquiries are mostly recurring, specific questions. Government staff prioritize delivering consistent messaging to their customers across the team. Our automated workflows allow for cost-efficient, consistently accurate answers to customer’s specific questions.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Automated workflows and faster turnaround times equip your department to offer an improved customer experience. We give staff the capacity to deliver human-centered customer service to more customers at a lower cost. Research also shows that higher customer satisfaction leads to increased employee satisfaction as well.

Acta for Community Engagement

We help local governments assess and respond to community needs.

We design seamless resident engagements that yield representative and candid responses. Our proprietary solution analyzes resident input for public priorities, concerns, and sentiment so that our partners deliver services to better meet residents’ most pressing needs.

Broader Equitable Engagement

Increase your capacity to listen to all constituent voices and address the Squeaky Wheel Dilemma

Responsive Governing

Ensure government programs, initiatives, and services are meeting real community needs and priorities

Increased Operating Efficiency

Reduce project duration times by up to 80% with automated workflows

Use Cases

Our Partners Use Acta To

Understand and report on resident satisfaction to secure more federal funding for services

Mitigate risks by ensuring intake staff are consistently asking the right questions

Identify bottlenecks in service delivery and make real-time improvements

Support local elected leaders in making better, data-driven decisions

Increase citizen satisfaction by delivering more responsive customer service

Respond to citizen inquiries faster and more easily

Tailor communications to answer residents’ specific, important questions

Provide improved customer service to permit and license applicants

Active Listening

Human-in-the-loop AI allows us to rapidly categorize and analyze open-ended public input and customer inquiries. We provide unprecedented insight into the concerns, priorities, and emotions of your community and customers.

  • Easily see who is participating in the conversation and who is still missing by collecting voluntary demographic data
  • Tap into the silent majority and bring more people into the conversation by integrating several communication channels
  • Collect a representative number of candid responses so that you have the information you need to meet residents’ needs

Acta dives deeper into the underlying concerns and priorities that drive constituent sentiment by analyzing over 50,000 data points associated with each word used in your constituent responses.

Deep Understanding

By combining many disparate datasets with our machine-learning analysis, we capture nuance and depth of analysis that other solutions cannot.

  • Decode the key drivers of community sentiment and customer frustrations by understanding resident input across channels at scale
  • Understand what advocates and opposition care about and their key sticking points by analyzing sentiment and learning how they talk about pressing issues
  • Identify trends in community and customer complaints and input by leveraging our omnichannel input analysis

Move beyond the yes or no of closed-ended questions. Acta uncovers which pressing issues and challenges energize your community and frustrate your customers. People don't form their opinions and experiences on neat 1-10 slider scales.

Responsive Government

By translating community and customer input into messaging prompts, we help you craft your communications with confidence.

  • Tailor your outgoing communications to your residents’ pressing needs by understanding trending inquiries, concerns, and sentiment that must be addressed
  • Maintain messaging consistency across your communication channels by using audience insights from our omnichannel input analysis
  • Eliminate the guesswork from your messaging by enriching it with community-backed insights

Acta shows which narratives will resonate most with your community and customers, allowing you to respond to community needs in real time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is natural-language processing?

    Natural Language Processing is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to read, comprehend, and understand human language in a way that is valuable to organizations that want to understand human input and opinions at scale.

  • Qualitative data allows organizations to understand opinions, concerns, and priorities beyond what multiple choice questions can achieve. Qualitative, open-ended data allows people to candidly describe their experiences. This data then empowers organizations to address specific concerns and issues their constituents face. Opinions and lived experiences cannot be measured on a scale from 1-10.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a form of technology that learns patterns or behaviors over time. Acta uses AI to learn our partners’ communication behavior to automate responses to inquiries and improve customer service.

  • As governments offer more and more vital services, increasing responsiveness and consistency of communication with the customer is of utmost importance. When residents can get the information they need in a timely manner, overall resident satisfaction increases. Additionally, specific departments like Development Services experience an increase in revenue when they deliver good customer service because it attracts more customers and growth.

  • Absolutely! However, the biggest barrier to delivering good customer service is time. Acta supports responsive communications so our busy government partners can focus on delivering services.


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